How To Make Oboe Reeds

I put this website together to make an online resource for making oboe reeds. There are video demonstrations that can help you see what the reed making process looks like, but there are also diagrams and written out explanations to supplement the videos. There is now an online masterclass series with interviews and video demonstrations by professional orchestral players and university professors.
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The oboe, or the “ill wind that nobody blows good,” is often considered one of the hardest instruments to play, but with a great reed, your tone quality, intonation, and control over the instrument can all improve. The resources are intended to show you how to make reeds faster, better, and more consistently so that you have more time in your day to practice (or do anything else!)

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By becoming a member here, you will have access to videos, detailed explanations, and diagrams. In-person reed making lessons can cost $40-$100 per hour with an experienced teacher, but on on this site, you will learn many of the same basic and advanced reed making skills. By becoming a member, you could save hundreds of dollars a year in wasted cane, materials, and equipment by learning what mistakes to avoid. You will also save time during your week by making better reeds faster!

This site also has to offer…

Videos that show oboe reed making lessons and instructions

More than 45 minutes of videos that show you the process of making reeds up close. Videos cover knife sharpening, cane selection, reed scraping, reed tying, pre-gouging cane, and more.

Diagrams that help you visualize the process of making reeds

Reed diagrams that show you how to scrape, how much to scrape, and an order for scraping different sections of an oboe reed. There are also reed making diagrams for English horn, oboe d’amore, and bass oboe reeds!

Written posts that describe how to make oboe reeds

Premium blog posts that give specifics on the entire process of reed making step by step. Blog posts also cover the process of learning how to make reeds so you will be better equipped to learn how to make reeds that suit you.

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