My reeds have been used in performances by professionals and students of all ages. I've been selling my reeds through www.ihateoboereeds.com for about 5 years, but will be transferring that website onto here.

Current wait time for Pro Reeds, Student Reeds, and English Horn Reeds is about 5 weeks before delivery. Send a message on through the contact page if you are interested in a Pay Later Option or for details on the wait time. If you need your oboe reeds sooner, you can try purchasing them through Midwest Musical Imports - Boomerang Oboe Reeds

Poulenc Sonata for Oboe and Piano

Professional Oboe Reed: $27

Student Oboe Reed: $20

English Horn Reed: $30

Oboe Reed Blank (unscraped reed): $13

English Horn Reed Blank (unscraped reed): $15



Important Information:
-The current wait time is about 5 weeks before delivery. Send a message for details. If you need your reeds sooner, you can purchase them through Midwest Musical Imports HERE
-Reeds also come with USPS priority shipping which can take between 2-4 days.
-Ask about a Pay Later option. Send a message using the contact form and pay when the reeds ship.
-At the end of the order $8.30 will be added for shipping.
-If you are double charged for the shipping, send a message to be refunded the difference.


Products Used:
Brass Stevens Staples
Hand-Selected Rigotti, Pisoni, Glotin, Alliaud Cane
Innoledy Gouger
Mack+ Shaper Tip or Gilbert 1 Shaper Tip
Vitry-Style Double Hollow Ground Knife
Tested on Loree AK Royale Oboe

10-10.5 mm diameter cane
Gouged 0.59 in middle, 0.46 on sides
Tied at 72-72.5 mm (73-73.5 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)
Finished length 69-70 mm (~71 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)