I've been selling my reeds through www.ihateoboereeds.com for 5 years, but will be transferring that website onto here. You can buy your handmade oboe reeds on this page, but check out the rest of this website for information on how to make reeds.

Current wait time for Pro Reeds, Student Reeds, and English Horn Reeds is about 5 weeks before delivery. Send a message on through the contact page if you are interested in a Pay Later Option or for details on the wait time. If you need your oboe reeds sooner, you can try purchasing them through Midwest Musical Imports - Boomerang Oboe Reeds

Poulenc Sonata for Oboe and Piano

Professional Oboe Reed: $27

Student Oboe Reed: $20

English Horn Reed: $30

Oboe Reed Blank: $13

Reeds come tied, but not scraped or clipped open.  

Important Information:
-The current wait time is about 5 weeks before delivery. Send a message for details. If you need your reeds sooner, you can purchase them through Midwest Musical Imports HERE
-Reeds also come with USPS priority shipping which can take between 2-4 days.
-Ask about a Pay Later option. Send a message using the contact form below and pay when the reeds ship.
-Send back used staples and receive $2 off per reed on your next order!
-At the end of the order $7.90 will be added for shipping.
-If you are double charged for the shipping, send a message to be refunded the difference.


Products Used:
#2, Thin-Walled, Brass Stevens Staples
Hand Selected Rigotti, Pisoni, Glotin, Alliaud Cane
Innoledy Gouger
Mack+ Shaper Tip or Gilbert 1 Shaper Tip
Vitry-Style Double Hollow Ground Knife
Tested on Loree AK Royale Oboe

10-10.5 mm diameter cane
Gouged 0.59 in middle, 0.46 on sides
Tied at 72-72.5 mm (73-73.5 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)
Finished length 69-70 mm (~71 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)