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5 Reed Making Resolutions for 2021

Here are 5 reed making resolutions for 2021. Will these resolutions last until the end of the year? or at least until February? Time will tell. 5. Always keep your reed knife as sharp as possible! If your knife isn’t as sharp as possible, take the time to sharpen it before scraping your reeds. There (more…)

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Video | How to finish scraping an oboe reed (1/5)

In this video, I go through the finishing touches on a reed and explain where to scrape and why. This video will be part of a series where I demonstrate various reed adjustments and how to perfect your reeds. Each video will be a little different from the rest because each reed will require different (more…)

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Clipping an Oboe Reed

This post is all about clipping an oboe reed. Even though clipping a reed is a relatively simple topic (and many of you already know how to), you’ll see some more details and other options in the video below. So, I hope you will read through this even if you are already a seasoned reed (more…)

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Easy Oboe Reed Adjustments

If you do not have reed making tools available to you to fix reeds, check out these hints for making your oboe reeds work for you.