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5 Reed Making Resolutions for 2021

Here are 5 reed making resolutions for 2021. Will these resolutions last until the end of the year? or at least until February? Time will tell. 5. Always keep your reed knife as sharp as possible! If your knife isn’t as sharp as possible, take the time to sharpen it before scraping your reeds. There (more…)

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Reed Response

In terms of reed response, we often see Hard, Soft, or Medium reeds advertised, or we will say that our own reeds are too hard or too easy. In this post, I want to go through how I think about response and easiness levels in my reeds. Some people might see this topic differently than (more…)

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English Horn Reed Measurements

Below you will see my measurements for an English horn reed. These measurements are approximate and might be longer or shorter by about a millimeter or so, but I think these measurements are a good starting point. Usually, I tie my reeds at about 59mm in total length, then scrape enough cane off to make (more…)

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Easy Oboe Reed Adjustments

If you do not have reed making tools available to you to fix reeds, check out these hints for making your oboe reeds work for you.