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Video | How to finish scraping an oboe reed (1/5)

In this video, I go through the finishing touches on a reed and explain where to scrape and why. This video will be part of a series where I demonstrate various reed adjustments and how to perfect your reeds. Each video will be a little different from the rest because each reed will require different (more…)

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Reed Making Video

This oboe reed making lesson will show you up close how to scrape an oboe reed. You will see how to scrape the different sections of an oboe reed and how to adjust an oboe reed.

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Interview with Tim Gocklin

A reed making interview about making reeds for playing on tour and at high altitudes and for performing chamber music.

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The Joy of Scraping

This reed making lesson entitled, ‘The Joy of Scraping’ was written by Courtney Miller; Oboe Professor, University of Iowa.