In this video, I go through the finishing touches on a reed and explain where to scrape and why. This video is the second part of a series where I demonstrate various reed adjustments and how to perfect your reeds. Each video will be a little different from the rest because each reed will require different diagnoses, so stay tuned for the other videos. If you want to download a PDF of my reed measurements and reed making instructions, check out this post here.

I made some mistakes along the way in scraping this reed, but I wanted to leave that in for you to see. For example, about half way through, I realized this reed was much longer than I normally make my reeds, and simply clipping the reed down to a more 'usual' length and re-scraping the tip took this reed from something that was OK, to a reed that felt more comfortable for me. It should be noted that I am using a Mack+ shaper tip, and depending on your shaper tip, gouge, or staples, your usual measurements might be longer or shorter than mine.

This is reed #2. Check out how I finished reed #1 here. Also, check out this video on how to start scraping your oboe reeds here.

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