Table of Contents for All Reed Making Posts

On, there are free oboe reed making instructions in the blog posts and videos, but members to this website can access all of the reed making instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Free Oboe Blog PostsLogo for Free Reed Making Instructions

  1. Five Minute Oboe Reed
  2. Innoledy Gouging Machine
  3. 5 New Year's Reed Resolutions (2021)
  4. Oboe Reed Measurements
  5. Reed Making Video
  6. Reed Response
  7. Oboe Reed Diagrams
  8. Easy Reed Adjustments
  9. Finishing Five Oboe Reeds
  10. English Horn Reed Measurements
  11. Introduction/Information About Becoming a Member
  12. Adjusting Reeds Without Tools
  13. Helpful Hints For New Reed Makers
  14. How to Avoid Loose Sided Reeds
  15. How to Finish Scraping a Reed (1/5)
  16. How to Finish Scraping a Reed (2/5)
  17. How to Finish Scraping a Reed (3/5)
  18. How to Finish Scraping a Reed (4/5)
  19. How to Finish Scraping a Reed (5/5)
  20. Three Ways to Avoid a Reed Rut
  21. Gouging Cane
  22. Clipping an Oboe Reed

Guest Posts

Logo for Guest Reed Making Lessons

  1. John Symer
  2. Courtney Miller
  3. Timothy Gocklin

Step by Step Process

  1. Introduction
  2. List of Supplies
  3. For Reed Makers Who Do Not Own a Gouging Machine
  4. Cane Selection
  5. How To Prepare Cane to be GougedStep by step instructions for making oboe reeds
  6. Gouging Cane
  7. Shaping and Tying Reeds
  8. Knife Sharpening
  9. Scraping Diagrams
  10. Scraping Techniques
  11. How To Crow and Test a Reed
  12. Day 1 Scraping
  13. Oboe D'Amore Reed Measurements
  14. Bass Oboe Reed Measurements

Magic Bullets

Magic bullets logo for reed making

  1. One Overlooked Way to Improve Your Reed Making
  2. Scraping the Tip
  3. Reed Slope Pictures/Video

Reed Doctor

  1. Reed Doctor IntroOboe Reed Doctor Image
  2. Reed Doctor Diagram
  3. Leaky Reeds, Duck Billed Tips, and Loose Sides
  4. Reeds That Are Too Open
  5. Reeds That Are Too Closed
  6. Reeds That Are Unresponsive
  7. Reeds That Are Too Responsive or Bright
  8. Reeds That Are Flat
  9. Reeds That Are Sharp

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