In this video, I go through the finishing touches on a reed and explain where to scrape and why. This video is the second part of a series where I demonstrate various reed adjustments and how to perfect your reeds. Each video will be a little different from the rest because each reed will require different diagnoses, so stay tuned for the other videos.

Honestly, there isn't much in this video that isn't already demonstrated or explained in the previous two videos, but feel free to post any questions or comments. But hopefully you'll see the importance of setting yourself up for success—this means having an even and consistent scrape when you first start your reed, and a consistent gouge. Down the road, this makes diagnosing reed issues much easier; for example, if you know the heart is already is just about exactly where you want it, then if the reed has any problems, you should look at the tip or the back. It just eliminates one potential variable. If you want to download a PDF of my reed measurements and reed making instructions, check out this post here.

This is reed #3. Check out how I finished reed #1 here. Also, check out this video on how to start scraping your oboe reeds here.

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